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4D LED Emblem Light For Toyota

4D LED Emblem Light For Toyota

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4D LED Emblem Light For Toyota is made with top-notch technology and high-quality LED lights. This emblem light glows brightly in the dark and makes your car different from others. It is designed especially for those who love to drive in style and want to give their car an upgrade.


Front Size:

  • 5.51 x 3.94 inch (14 x10 cm)  Fit for Camrys 2009-2013, EZ, Corolla 2017-, old Reiz, Vios 2006-2007, Yaris 2014-,
  • 5.91 x 3.94 inch (15 x 10 cm)  Fit for New Reiz, Yaris Before 2013, Alphard, New Vios
  • 6.30 x 4.33 inch (16 x 11cm)   Fit for Prado, EZ, VIGO, Highlander, RAV4, Avalon, Camry 2014

Rear Size:

  • 3.94×2.68 inch (10 x 6.8 cm) Fit for Corolla 2003-05, Reiz 2012,New Vios
  • 4.33×2.95 inch (11 x 7.5 cm)  Fit for Crown, New Corolla, Reiz 2005-09, Vios 2002-08, Avalon
  • 4.72×3.15 inch (12 x 8 cm) Fit for Camry 2014- ,Yaris,2014-,Carolla2007-11,Levin,Rav4 2014-
  • 5.12×3.50 inch (13 x 8.9 cm) Fit for Camry 2006-2013, Yaris, before 2013, WISH, Previa2017

Pls, check the measurements of your original emblems before you purchase.

We will not accept the return back due to the wrong size.


  • Voltage:12 (V)
  • Wiring length: 0.6 meters
  • Material: ABS plating, 3M glue at the bottom
  • Package Contents:1*  Light Up Toyota Emblem


Tools prepared before installation] Please have the following tools ready before you start:

1. Flathead screwdriver

2. Phillips screwdriver

3. Insulating tape

4. Towel

5. Pliers


1. First, place a towel next to the tailgate logo, use a flat-blade screwdriver to shake the logo, and towel to prevent scratching the body.

2. Pay attention to peeling off the double-sided rubber first. When the squatting is moderate, don’t be too fierce. After a little bit, slowly squat down, and clean the car logo and the double-sided tape on the body.

3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the partition inside the tail box. Note that there are clips in some places.

4. Install the car standard light, the car standard light power line passes through one of the car standard positioning holes, and wears the single-sided glue on the back of the car standard light inside the car box. While pulling the wire, the car mark light is glued to the vehicle body, and the pressure is pressed tight.

5. The car light is installed, and now it is connected to the power supply. The car light should be connected to the power supply of the license plate

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