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LED Gesture Control Car Sign

LED Gesture Control Car Sign

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This innovative LED Gesture Control Car Sign allows drivers to communicate with others on the road with a simple touch. Designed for enhanced on-road interaction and visibility, it's a modern solution for expressing courtesy and signals to fellow motorists.

Product Features:

  • Material: Made with high-quality, durable LED lights that ensure visibility even during daylight.

  • Intended Age Range: Suitable for drivers of all ages who want to add a touch of modernity and safety to their driving experience.

  • Special Features: Includes a wireless remote control for easy operation without distraction.

  • Technical Specifications: Features bright, energy-efficient LEDs with several gesture signal options.

  • Shape: The hand-shaped design is universally recognized for intuitive use.

  • Pattern: The LED layout forms a clear and bright pattern, recognizable at a distance.

  • Texture: Smooth surface for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Design: The slim and sleek design ensures the sign does not obstruct the driver's view and is in line with vehicle aesthetics.

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