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LED Mitsubishi Emblem Light

LED Mitsubishi Emblem Light

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The LED Mitsubishi Emblem Light is designed to work in negative ground vehicles and follows low power consumption. It is built with a particular concept that saves energy and ensures environmental protection. It can be installed easily and is maintenance-free.


1. Maintenance Free, Easy Installation.
2. Shockproof (High Shock / Vibration Resistant)
3. Built-in Current Limiting Resistors.
4. Long life. The theoretical data is more than 100, 000 hours.
5. Designed to work in negative ground vehicles.
6. Low Power Consumption; Saving energy and environment protection.


  • Environmentally friendly and power saving
  • Diameter: 7.60cm X 8.75cm (GALANT-09, Lancer-10, LIONCEL-04, Zinger, ASX, Outlander CUV)Voltage: DC 12V
  • Life span: 30,000- 50,000 hours
  • Power supply: DC 12V+/-10%
  • Power cable length: 0.6 meter
(pls check the size to see if it will fit your car before purchasing!!!)

Package Included:
  • 1 x LED Mitsubishi Emblem Light
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