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Car Lights

Set Of 2 Marvel Spiderman Car Lights

Set Of 2 Marvel Spiderman Car Lights

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Marvel Spiderman Car Lights are an awesome way to get attention while you’re driving. Make it evident that someone is opening the car door and in turn alert those approaching that this movement is not dangerous. The spiderman logo reflectors project a bright glow under the door, lighting up a section of the ground.


  • These Spiderman door light projectors can be easily installed in 10 minutes with 3M tapes included, NO DRILLING, NO WIRING needed. No Damage to your car at all. (Under cold weather, pls warm the adhesive stickers a little with a cigarette lighter to stick better)
  • The Spiderman lights logo Can be installed on any car door panel that is straight and flat near the bottom, It can fit most vehicles.
  • Super Bright and Cool Spiderman LED lights will be projected to the ground when you open the door, super cool. While showing you the road and alerting the following traffic to avoid the opened door. The lights will turn off automatically after 2 minutes or when you close the door.
  • The Spiderman lights for doors can be installed on both the right and left doors. Most customers purchase 2 sets for 4 doors. It will make your car more COOL and Stylish.
  • Our Spiderman lights under door sets are specially designed for auto modification fanciers, they will not destroy the original car appearance but bring more driving fun to you. You won’t wanna miss this cool Spiderman accessory.

Package :

  • 2Pcs Spiderman Logo Lights
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