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Set Of 2 Volkswagen Door Ghost Light Logo

Set Of 2 Volkswagen Door Ghost Light Logo

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Set Of 2 Volkswagen Door Ghost Light Logo is a car logo projection light that creates an original and beautiful lightbox effect when the door is opened or closed. It’s easy to install and sticks to the door with an adhesive pad, or a magnet can stick on the car threshold. You can also use it for other cars for cool lighting effects!


  • Easily to install it yourself with the 3M adhesive sticker, no more troubles of making holes.
  • Avoid getting off cars on bad roads, such as water marsh land.
  • Environmental, high power, high efficiency, energy saving, no pollution, no noise, no electronic interface.
  • Power Supply: 3x AAA battery (Not included in the package)

Install Instruction:

1. Install instructions about the batteries: Put 3 pcs AAA(1.5V) batteries in the battery case and install them according to the positive & negative as
marked in the case. Then close the batteries case.

2. Install instructions for the shadow light: Stick the Magnet on the bottom of the car frame. Stick the car light on the car door.

The distance between the Magnet & Car light is about 10mm. When you close the car door, the Magnet is the under the face of the sensor on the car logo light.

3. Automatic Control & Manual Control: When you open the door, the logo will be shown on the ground, and it will turn off automatically after 2 minutes. If you want the light on/off, just need to press the button on the head of the light.

One set includes 2 pcs, suggest you buy 2 sets for 4 doors of your car!

Package includes:

  • 2x Volkswagen Door Lights
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